Pravesh Kumar
DBA Manager

*Passionate to lead and manage complex database environment*

Pravesh is currently working as Sr. Database Administrator & Architect at YOU Technology. Pravesh possess excellent leadership and managerial skills. Pravesh’s responsibility is to make sure all databases are servicing without any interruption. All backups are happening properly and whole environment are configured to handle all kind of failure from amazon web services. Pravesh is responsible for all company initiatives to make sure database systems are resilient to future need. His responsibility also lies to configure, monitor and maintain goldengate replication and make sure reporting is happening without delay. Pravesh is good at developing Linux shell and python scripts for automation and monitoring. Pravesh is currently involved and learning NoSQL database Cassandra.

While working at vmware, Pravesh has managed team of DBAs and was responsible to install and configure all new databases for various companywide initiatives. During his tenure more than 100 regular and RAC database was build and delivered. Pravesh was also responsible for end to end environment refresh requests and successful completion for various projects.

Pravesh has extensive experience in Server Visualization, Real Application Cluster setup, capacity planning and best practices implementations. He is Oracle certified professional (OCP) for database administration and PMI Certified for project managements.

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